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Expert Packaging Solutions for Every Industry

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Packaging Machines and Equipment

Choose Great Lakes Packaging Solutions for all your packaging needs. Our extensive range of packaging machines and equipment ensures that you find the perfect solution for your industry. From the vertical form, fill, and seal (VFFS) machines to premade pouch fill and seal equipment, we have the expertise to meet your specific requirements. Whether you’re packaging gummy candies, coffee products, CBD edibles, or soups, our state-of-the-art equipment delivers precise and efficient results

Comprehensive Consultation Services

At Great Lakes Packaging Solutions, we don’t just offer equipment; we provide expert consultation to help you make informed decisions. With over 60 years of combined experience, our team of professionals will guide you through the entire process, from line inception to installation and ongoing support. We are committed to finding the best solutions to achieve your production goals. Trust our technical knowledge and hands-on approach to streamline your packaging processes and enhance your operations.

Trusted Partnerships and Brands

We partner with leading manufacturers such as All-Fill, Massman Automation, Apex Filling, and Vmek Sorting Technology to offer you the most advanced packaging equipment available. With our trusted partnerships and access to cutting-edge technology, you can rely on Great Lakes Packaging Solutions to deliver reliable and high-quality solutions. Whether you’re in the Midwest or anywhere across the lower 48 states, our team is ready to assist you with the right packaging solutions and expertise.

Apex Filling

Apex Filling’s team of filling, capping, moving, and labeling experts pride themselves in collaborating with their clients to develop, fabricate, and install their ideal packaging solution.  If you need to package your product more efficiently, they are here to help you! Their purpose is to create raving fans & lifelong relationships.

pro series sanitary overflow (2) (1)pro series sanitary overflow (2) (1)
6 headpro filler not sanitary6 headpro filler not sanitary
tcorker with standtcorker with stand
4 Station Capper with Elevator Sorter (2) (1)4 Station Capper with Elevator Sorter (2) (1)
6 headpro filler not sanitary6 headpro filler not sanitary
pro series sanitary overflow (2) (1)pro series sanitary overflow (2) (1)
tcorker with standtcorker with stand
Echelon Hand PackEchelon Hand Pack


Dura-Pack has been manufacturing machines and equipment in the great State of Michigan for over 46 years. They are privileged to have manufactured machines and equipment for customers that range in size from small mom-and-pop shops to large enterprise-level organizations that span the globe. They have led the industry in innovation and quality for decades and will continue to design innovative and elegant solutions that help organizations streamline their packaging processes. Contact us today and learn more about their equipment and how we can help you streamline your packaging.

Black forest

Founded in 2010, Black Forest Packaging Solutions was established with the single-minded purpose of
providing the liquid filling market with a superior continuous-motion stainless steel washdown vertical
form, fill, and seal machine featuring unparalleled speeds and accuracies. In addition, we offer a full line
of intermittent and continuous-motion baggers for IQF and similar applications requiring stainless steel
washdown machines.

In 2013 they partnered with Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH to sell and service their equipment in
the North American market. Through this partnership, Black Forest offers a full line of vertical form, fill,
and seal equipment for the non-liquid markets along with auger fillers, cup fillers, vertical cartoners, and
horizontal flow wrappers.

Black Forest Packaging Solutions has an executive management team with over 155 years of combined experience with packaging equipment including R&D, engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing, spare parts, customer training, and service for all types of packaging equipment. They are housed in a 5,000-square-foot building that includes sales, service, and spare parts for both the Black Forest and Wolf equipment.

Their facility includes a complete machine shop with a CNC machine, milling machines, horizontal lathes, hydraulic presses, drill presses, welding capabilities, grinding and resurfacing equipment, and a paint booth and oven.


After 100 years specializing in motion control technology, Mayfran International is bringing its experience and innovation to the food processing industry. Mayfran’s shuffle drive conveyors ensure the quality and integrity of your product. Mayfran offers a superior alternative to conventional vibratory systems designed with the customer in mind, offering quieter operation, less maintenance, greater efficiency, and longer machine life. Mayfran’s shuffle drive technology propels food forward while keeping its shape, integrity, and quality intact. Excels in applications where moving food, inspections, and feeding applications are required (cereal, pet foods, snacks).

  • Stable, Smooth Motion: The Mayfran Shuffle Conveyor operates at higher speeds and shorter strokes to ensure maximum productivity. All without making the noise a vibratory system makes. Gentle on product. No product degradation compared to vibratory systems.
  • Longer lasting performance: With fewer moving parts and a non-vibratory design, there is less wear and tear.
  • No Chain or Belting required.
  • Flexible design parameters: Available for gentle systems or applications
  • Operating Noise: Horizontal Motion Conveyors have an operating noise level much quieter than vibratory conveyors. About half the decibels.

Massman’s automatic

Massman’s automatic pouch filling and sealing machine handles virtually all types and sizes of pouches, including stand-up resealable pouches (SURPs), which have become very popular due to their low weight and on-the-shelf advantages.

Massman offers a variety of flexible pouch packaging systems. The GP line of pouch filling machines is ideal for small footprint applications, while the Massman Talon line offers a high-speed fill and seal with maximum flexibility.

The GP-M3000 easily manages stand up pouches, pouches with side gussets, flat-bottom or 3-side seal configurations. This machine effortlessly seals pouches with reclosable features, such as Press-to-Close Zipper, eSlider and velcro. Massman Automation is General Packer’s exclusive North America Authorized Distributor.

Montane Packaging Machinery

Established in 2020 and located in American Fork, Utah, Montane Packaging Machinery builds VFFS machines and integrated VFFS systems.  We specialize in delivering a seemingly impossible combination of high quality and performance at an economical price point, all backed by decades of industry experience and engineering expertise.

      We will tailor an integrated VFFS system to your application, complete with your choice of filler and ancillary equipment.  Whether you need a combination weigher, cup filler, or auger filler, We will help you select the right equipment for the job.  Need a mezzanine, rotary pack-off table, and takeaway conveyor?  We have you covered. 

     Whatever your system needs, we will always strive to deliver maximal value for your investment. It starts with a conversation: Tell us your needs and let us bring you the solution.

Screenshot 2023-02-17 114040Screenshot 2023-02-17 114040
PJM_8516 copyPJM_8516 copy

Gallant Engineering

Packaging Pre-made pouches on Pick-Fill-Seal machine is an upcoming trend in the market today. The reasons being the versatility the machine offers in terms of the type and size of pouches which can be packaged. The PFS machine are also a cost effective alternative to standard Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines (HFFS).

Designed from scratch the unique DUAL LANE concept of this machine makes it one of the most versatile and high performance machines available in the market. Providing unmatched flexibility this new concept of Pick Fill seal machine will help resolve a long standing issue of output to cost ratio of horizontal packaging machines. Equipped with the latest in servo technology this machine will reliably and efficiently fill and seal all types of pre-made pouches.

Gummy Filling and Sorting Technology

Great Lakes Packaging Solutions is focused on representing the best in Sorting, counting, and weighing technology for the infused gummy market.

Screenshot 2023-02-17 112249Screenshot 2023-02-17 112249
A-1200 with Model B_Adjusted_150dpiA-1200 with Model B_Adjusted_150dpi
B-350 touch-1-Hi-Res (1)B-350 touch-1-Hi-Res (1)


AUGER FILLERS FOR COFFEE Optimize and speed up your coffee production with our auger fillers. Our coffee filling machines can also be integrated with our labelers, VFFS baggers, and checkweigher systems. If you are looking for an auger filler for coffee, All-Fill’s are reliable, built to last, and simple to use. We can help increase your coffee filling needs. COFFEE APPLICATIONS
  • Coffee
  • Whole Bean Coffee Coffee Bag Filling
  • Coffee Bag Weighing
  • Coffee Bag Labeling
  • Craft Coffee Packaging
  • Bean Packing
  • Coffee Bagging

Rollstocks films

We work with film manufacturers who develop high-quality co-extruded films, laminates, and unsupported films. Whether you are making pillow packs on a vertical form fill and seal, flow-wrap on a horizontal form fill and seal, or using forming and non-forming films on a thermoformer, we offer a cost-effective solution for your roll stock and film needs.


Volumetric Technologies

We provide high volume Rotary Cup Machines for many industries including food, dairy, and cosmetics. These machines are designed to denest, fill, seal, lid, and eject your products. Our Rotary Cup Machines are fully automatic and can deliver up to 40 cups per minute per lane, with configurations up to 3 lanes. The entire line of Volumetric Technologies cup machines comes equipped with advanced design features to guarantee products are packaged to your specifications every time.

Equipped with a solid state PLC and a touchscreen HMI gives flexibility to configure the equipment properly for your application. All control functions are adjustable via a menu-driven operator interface.

Volumetric Technologies Rotary Cup Machines are equipped with our industry leading piston fillers and proven designs for the other functions. We guarantee excellent performance throughout the entire process.

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Great Lakes Packaging Solutions is a packaging equipment manufacturers representative firm operating in the Midwest, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. For a couple of our lines, we cover the lower 48 states.

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We are a solutions-based sales organization with strong technical knowledge and a hands-on approach. Between Jerry and me we have over 60 years of experience. We are committed to helping our customers find the best solutions with the best equipment to achieve their production goals from line inception through installation and ongoing support.

The Great Lakes Packaging Solutions team is ready to assist with the right solutions and expertise.

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